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Experience the Thrill of Online Horse Racing and Casino Betting with Citibet in Malaysia and Singapore at 126asia.

There is a growing trend of betting on all sorts of sports, whether it is a race, a walk, or any other activity. As soon as we watch a match or race, we always want to cheer up because it gives us a sense of excitement. CITIBET Malaysia and Singapore depend heavily on horse racing to bet on. Horse racing is one of the numerous popular sports worldwide, so who doesn't love it? It's obviously not me! More than 90% of this world's population is a fan of racing, and that includes horse racing, car racing, and greyhound racing.


Singapore and Malaysia CITIBET offer outstanding results and a good perspective of horse racing. It is named after a horse called GREYHOUND, which is one of the most famous horses named after the place. There is a desperate racing ground that every horse owner wants to see, as well as people who enjoy horses in general. For racing, the greyhound was the only suitable horse.



Are you interested in watching horse racing live? Online betting is available at Citibet, where you can watch races from all over the world and make wagers on your favorite horses without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Online horse racing betting is also available at Citibet in Singapore, with a wide range of local and international races to choose from. No matter what level of punter you are or what kind of fan you are, you will find plenty of options to suit your preferences. The action is never missed with our live streaming and real-time odds. Moreover, you can always make a bet regardless of where you are, thanks to our mobile-friendly platform.


The best citibet horse betting platform online is available on 126asia in Malaysia and Singapore. We are Asia's Top Betting Bookmaker with the best horse and greyhound racing online! The top online casinos in Malaysia and Singapore have various offers. The online casino Malaysia offers a range of casino games, including live horse racing citibet.

Games on this site are powered by a variety of game providers, including live horse racing citibet Malaysia. Playtech, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, and Gameplay Interactive are some of the game providers in this category. 


Therefore, you'll be able to play various casino games, including some of your favorites. We offer slot games online in Malaysia, table games, poker online, blackjack, and roulette. 

With the advent of social media advertising, agents are thinking of keeping recruits mainly through social media advertising since everyone now has become a social bee, including you and me! You get more money in your pocket when you are socially involved with your bones. We are all engrossed in watching matches and racing nowadays, aren't we? When it comes to sports betting, 99.99% of people will register for it when they realize there are sites where they can earn when they win. How does it work? There's nothing more to it than the lust for sports and the love for matches. With its own magazine, CITIBET provides an analysis of all aspects of horse racing games, along with their results. During each match and race, the numbers of betting won and lost are displayed, and the prizes are won. Additionally, the audience is shown the company's profit earned on this basis.


Matches that take place over the weekend and the winning teams are the subjects of the magazine. You are sure to enjoy reading it since it is a quality read for people. Betting on horse racing is all about it. There has been an increase in traffic to the online betting exchanges of CITIBET as social media has captured the public's attention and is likely to increase turnover. There has been legal acceptance for this company to turn out bets efficiently. As well as that, it offers you a 24x7 academy for enjoying the best horse racing around. The betting at CITIBET is not only limited to its own site; rather, it extends around the globe. Suddenly, it has spread like a virus through the nerves of race fans. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networking sites have been integrated into the application. Conducting regular surveys makes the company huge profits. Registration guarantees that the client will never be disappointed. In spite of the fact other horse racing sites are also profitable, CITIBET is a site where only horse lovers bet.

What is Citibet?

Citibet is an online betting platform specializing in horseracing and casino games in Malaysia and Singapore. Horse racing events, including local, national, and international events and casino games powered by leading software providers, are all available on our site.


What is the Citibet betting process?

The process of placing a bet with Citibet is simple. You can bet on any horse race or casino game by simply logging in to your account, selecting the size and type of your bet, and clicking the place bet button. You will receive an immediate confirmation once you confirm your bet.


Can Citibet be accessed through what methods of payment?

Citibet accepts a variety of payment methods on, including bank transfers, credit cards, and e-wallets. Using our secure payment process, you can rest assured that your funds will always be safe.

Online Horse Racing with Citibet in Malaysia

What Makes 126asia Casino the Best Casino for Horse Racing Malaysia and Singapore? 

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Online Horse Racing with Citibet in Singapore

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