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Common mistakes to avoid when betting on horse racing

Updated: May 18, 2023

A horse race betting experience can be thrilling and exciting, but it also requires careful review and preparation. Horse betting does not have a foolproof method, and there are certain mistakes that often lead to poor outcomes. During this article, we'll discuss some of the mistakes to avoid when betting on horse races in Singapore and Malaysia.

1. Failing to do your research

When it comes to betting on horse racing, people make the biggest mistake by failing to do their research. If you want to be victorious at betting on horses, you'll need to have a deep understanding of the sport and the individual horses. Keeping up with any changes in jockeys, trainers, or other variables that could affect the outcome of the race will mean studying past performance records, understanding the conditions of the race, and keeping up with changes in past performance records.

2. Placing too much emphasis on odds

Although odds are an important factor to consider when betting on horse racing, do not overemphasize them. A novice bettor often falls into the trap of betting only on the horse that has the highest odds without considering other factors, such as the horse's past performance, the race conditions, and the jockey's experience.

3. Betting on too many races

When betting on horse racing, people sometimes make the mistake of betting on too many races. It can be attractive to place bets on multiple races to win big, but this can quickly turn into a loser. Rather, it would be better to pay close attention to fewer races and do your research thoroughly before placing any bets.

Horse Betting in Singapore

4. Chasing losses

It is important to note that one of the most dangerous mistakes that people make when betting on horse racing is to chase losses. When you lose a bet, you may feel tempted to try to regain your money by placing additional wagers. In the long run, this strategy may lead to a downward spiral, with losses mounting and a desperate betting strategy developing.

5. Ignoring your budget

The budget you have when betting on horse races is another important factor to consider. Setting a clear budget for your gambling activities is crucial to ensure you adhere to it, regardless of whether you win or lose. When you pay attention to your budget, you may find yourself overspending, and you may find yourself in financial difficulty very quickly.

6. Focusing too much on big races

Despite the fact that big races such as the Kentucky Derby or the Melbourne Cup can be exciting and attract a great deal of attention, only a little focus must be placed on these events. While most horse races are smaller and less well-known, they can still provide excellent opportunities for successful betting.

7. Following the crowd

Several novice bettors make the mistake of following the crowd and betting on the horse everyone else supports. However, taking this approach may be risky since the favorite may not necessarily be the best choice. Rather than relying on others' advice, you need to conduct your own analysis and make your own decisions based on the knowledge you have at your disposal.

8. Placing bets too early

Furthermore, avoiding placing bets too early in the game is important. It may be tempting to place your bets immediately following the release of the odds; however, it is often better to wait until closer to the race's start to place your wagers. This will allow you to gain a more detailed understanding of the race conditions, monitor any changes in the odds, and make a more informed decision regarding which horses to bet on.


The fun of betting on horse races is that you have to think strategically and carefully. If you don't make the mistakes outlined in this article, you'll have a better chance of winning and enjoying horse racing without worrying about your finances. You can get free bets at 126Asia, one of the best Singapore online casinos. Users can win real money while betting on their favorite sports and match online with 126Asia's sports betting options like soccer, baseball, and basketball. Apart from sports, the portal also has horse racing and fishing betting options. Live casino and slot games make it fun for new and old players alike.

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