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Horse Racing Odds: A Beginner's Guide for Singaporean Punters

Updated: Nov 25, 2023


Among the most popular and thrilling sports in Singapore is horse racing, which gives punters the opportunity to engage in the excitement by placing bets on their favorite horses. The ability to understand horse racing odds is crucial to making an informed betting decision. This beginner's guide will provide you with an overview of horse racing odds and explain to you how to interpret them properly.

1. Types of Odds:

There are three major types of odds in horse racing: fractional odds, decimal odds, and moneyline odds. There is a common practice in Singapore of using decimal odds. Using decimal odds, you can calculate how much you can win for every $1 bet you place, including the stake you place.


· A decimal odds of 3.00 means that for every $1 bet, you could win $3. As a result, you would receive a total return of $4, including the initial stake.

2. Understanding Probability:

The odds are a reflection of the bookmaker's opinion regarding a horse's chances of winning. It is believed that the lower the odds, the greater the likelihood that the horse will win, according to the bookmakers. The opposite is also true; higher odds indicate a lower probability.


· Odds of 2.00 imply a 50% chance of winning.

· Odds of 6.00 suggest a 16.67% chance of winning.

3. Favorite vs. Underdog:

When it comes to horse racing, the favorite is the horse with the lowest odds, which indicates that more people are expecting the horse to succeed. There is a higher probability that the underdog will win, suggesting lower expectations. A gambler must balance the potential for higher returns with the increased risk when betting on an underdog.

4. Calculating Payouts:

Multiply your bet amount by the decimal odds in order to calculate your potential winnings. Both the profit and the original stake are included in this calculation.


· Bet $10 on a horse with odds of 4.00.

· Potential winnings = $10 x 4.00 = $40.

· Total return (including the initial $10 stake) = $50.

5. Factors Affecting Odds:

The odds of horse racing can vary depending on several factors, including the horse's form, the performance of its jockey, the track conditions, and the recent race history of the horse. It is advantageous for punters to keep an eye on these factors in order to make better-informed decisions.

6. Each-Way Betting:

This is one of the most popular racing strategies in the sport of horse racing, where punters can bet on horses to win or finish in a particular position (usually a top two or three position). There will be a split of the stake between the two bets, so there is a safety net in case the horse doesn't win but is still performing well despite not winning.

7. Shop Around for the Best Odds:

There is a possibility that different bookmakers will provide slightly different odds on the same race. The wagering community encourages bettors to compare odds before placing a wager in order to maximize the potential return on their wagers.

8. Responsible Gambling:

Despite the excitement that horse racing can bring to Singaporean punters, they need to gamble responsibly as well. Establish a budget and stick to it in order to avoid chasing losses. There is no question that gambling can be a fun experience, and responsible betting is key to keeping it that way so that it stays that way.


The importance of understanding horse racing odds is fundamental at 126Asia for Singaporeans and Malaysians who are looking to participate in horse racing betting as a thrill. Having an understanding of the basics of odds, calculating the potential payouts, and considering factors affecting odds can help punters make better decisions. Enjoy horse racing and gamble responsibly so that you will get the best out of the game.

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